Travel Show 2017 in New York City

NYC Travel

NYC Travel

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NYC Travel Show 2017

The NYC Travel Show is on over the weekend at Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan. Subway or bus is the best way to get there. The M34 bus will get you very close.

The NY Travel show promises to be a lot of fun. There will be great discounts and packages to the Caribbean, Europe and other places even within the United States. Think of it, how many of you have traveled to at least 25 of the 50 united states of America? Some of you might not have even traveled outside of your city in your own state.

Travel Is Fun

This year, 2017, make up your mind to expand your horizons. Allow yourself to be exposed to more than what is in your village or city or state. If you have never taken a trip to New York City – let this be the year that you do it. Life is lived best when it is lived forward. That is my philosophy of life. Get on the Internet and start looking for places to go this year. It could be an overnight trip.

I hear a lot of people saying they don’t have money to go to Washington for the inauguration. Well, you can do an overnight trip or a day trip. Call up Greyhound, you don’t have to fly. This year, make it your business to go to at least one state you have always wanted to visit. if you have no idea- how about New York City.


Traveling Local in 2013

The Rock is hot

The Rock is hot

New York City is always full of people from January to December, but Christmas in New York should be added to everyone’s bucket list. Many times we miss the attractions right in our backyard while others come in and enjoy and appreciate what we have missed all along. This new year, 2013, make sure you enjoy the sights and sounds right in your backyard.

Travel does not have to take you across the waters, it can be a walk, a bus or train ride to a nearby attraction. Many people live in New York and have never been to the Statue of Liberty, the Bronx Zoo or Rockefeller Center. This year make sure you get out and explore your own backyard. Take a camera and have fun while you are doing it.

The Rock is Green

The Rock is Green

Snow Day in New York City

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There will be snow in New York City today, but don’t let that stop you from coming and having fun. Today is supposed to be a snow day in New York City and the tri-state area, according to the weather reports. Well, nothing is going to stop New Yorkers from getting out and doing what they have to do. there are so many events planned for today and the weekend overall that it is going to be challenging to get around, but New Yorkers will find a way.

One of the events that you should put on your to do list today is service at World Changers Church New York. The church is pastored by Dr. Creflo and Taffi Dollar. They are having their inaugural service in their new permanent location at the Paradise Theatre at 2403 Grand Concourse in the Bronx. This is good news as they have been moving around from Madison Square Garden to Manhattan Center, Wamu Theatre, Hilton and Sheraton Hotels, and many more locations in the city. This goes to show that if you have a dream and a plan – do not give up on it. At the proper time it will come to pass. Just keep believing and trust in the Lord with all your heart.

Document Your Wisdom in 2012


Document Your 2012 Journey

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2012 is almost here and I bet you are going to be traveling more than ever.  One way to document your journey is with an inspirational journal.  I have just completed Wisdom Journal  and you can preview all 80 pages in the next two days.  After that, only 15 pages will be available for preview.  You need to have this in your purse or briefcase.  I will not ruin it for you. You go and see it for yourself.  Click on the preview below and please give feedback.  Come back here tomorrow to read about the New Year’s Eve happenings in New York City.

NEW BOOK LAUNCH- “WISDOM JOURNAL” Click on the link below now and see a preview then order your copy.

Wisdom Journal

Finish 2011 Strong!

Do not slow down as you come to the end of 2011. Keep the momentum going so that when 2012 comes in you will enter strong. finish strong and you will begin strong. Even if you are not into politics you will be affected by what the US Presidential elections of 2012. This is the time to look for a second or third stream of income. Don’t believe the holiday hype about job growth. Nassau county is laying off 300 people as of tomorrow. Get the Wisdom Journal and start setting some practical goals for 2012.

Do you prefer to write notes on paper or on an electronic device?

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I don’t know if you have wall to wall books and a wish list of more books. Chances are you are in the same boat and as a result the recent trend in E-Readers might have caught your attention. I have several electronic designs. I am going to create my conspiracy theory that every six months the electronic companies release new products to keep us purchasing. Why is there the need for four I-Phones. Do you think it strange that it takes as much as three months to get an update to an earlier version of a product that just came out three months earlier? Then by the time you get the upgrade, surprise, the next number in the series is due out in three months. Then when you take a look at the “upgrade” it might just be the ability to take pictures, or listen to music. Do you really think they did not know people would want these features? Why do they have focus groups? Are you getting this?

I bet you are looking around at the cellphones that you just upgraded and there was absolutely nothing wrong with them? Why? They left something out and when you clamor for it they put it in and come out with a new model. Are you getting this? If you and I can figure out that it would make sense to flip the pages, or add a device for audio, why couldn’t these geniuses figure it out? They did, but if they gave you that perfect gadget in 2011, why would you buy something else in 2012. I tell you people of the world, this is a conspiracy of epic proportions. \So now we come to the real question. Do you prefer notes on paper or on an electronic device? The question is interesting for me because I am deciding whether to get a Kindle or a Nook. And somebody is reading this and says, “what candle hook?” I know that made you laugh. Seriously, Kindle or Nook? Notes paper or electronic device? Tweet, share, let’s talk!

New York City Snapshots

Hello people of the world,

Are you one of those people with several pictures with no idea what to do with them? I have hundreds of pictures.  In New York city there is always something to see that you just have to capture at the moment.  Well, here are some candid snapshots around the city.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  Make a slide show, take it up a notch and make a movie.  Get creative.  If you’re coming to New York City you must bring your camera.  You will see a lot of unusual things that will have you snappity snap.  Pack patience too when you travel to the big apple.  People will get in your way.  They will slow you down.  They will be so locked into taking photographs of those skyscrapers that you will wonder what are they taking.  But that’s New York City for you. Enjoy this little slideshow of pictures I had no idea what to do with them.

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Santana and the New York Mets

Congratulations to Santana for throwing a no-hitter last night. That is the big news in sports today. Forget about the Celtics beating the heat. The news is Santana has done something for the Mets that no other pitcher had done. Thank goodness there were enough faithful fans in the stands to see it. As a Yankee fan I am happy for the Mets organization and their fans. Celebration time in New York City, come on! Celebrate!

Fleet Week 2012 in NYC

Fleet Week

Fleet Week

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Hope you had a great Memorial Day. Today is the last day of Fleet Week in New York City. The places to be are Pier 92 in Manhattan where you can go on board USS Wasp and USS Roosevelt ships. Also Pier 86 at W46th Street and 12th Avenue at the world famous Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum Complex. Let’s celebrate our brave men and women who are on the front line if battle everyday.

NYC Auto Show 2012

The NYC Auto Show of 2012

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The New York Auto Show is in full swing at the Jacob J. Javits Center on 12th Avenue and 34th street in New York City. It is an amazing experience. Come and see what’s new, what’s flashy, what’s energy efficient and what meets your budget. The admission is $15 and the hours of the exhibition are Mon-Fri 10am- 10pm. On Sunday the hours are 10am -7pm. The NYC Auto Show ends on April 15.

Macy's Flower Show 2012

Macy’s Flower Show 2012

New York Knicks On the Magic Carpet



Come To New York City

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NBA basketball is big news and one reason to travel to New York City. Madison Square Garden is renovated for your comfort and the atmosphere is electric. Come to New York City and be a part of it. Enjoy the pictures of NYC that you might not see anywhere else.

KNICKS Head Coach

KNICKS Head Coach

Shopping in New York

Macy's By Herald Square

Macy’s By Herald Square

Shopping in New York City

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Shopping and New York City are synonymous, if you don’t believe me come and see. There are so many great places to shop, there is Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Lord&Taylor, Century 21 and the most famous store in the world, R. H. Macy’s at Herald Square/34th street to just mention a fraction of great places to shop.

Shopping, shopping, and more shopping, that’s New York, New York. Let’s take Macy’s at Herald Square, it is an absolute ultimate experience. There are nine floors of shopping in a store that takes up an entire block. Let me tell you that in Manhattan from one street to the next is a block. The blocks are very long and Macy’s occupies the block from 7th Avenue to 8th avenues.

You must go to Macy’s if nothing more- go for the experience. They will soon be putting up the Macy’s Flower Show and that is a delight. Macy’s Cellar is where they have the pots and pans and of course cooking shows. You can catch your favorite chefs from the Food Network and you get to eat their fancy meals. That is Macy’s for you. Believe!

Catch A Cooking Show at Macy's

Catch A Cooking Show at Macy’s